Plastic surgery. Harm and Benefit

Plastic surgery. Harm and Benefit

Plastic surgery. Harm and Benefit

It is rare to meet a person who is completely satisfied with his appearance. Most would not refuse to change some parts of the body. That is why plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular these days. Especially with the advent of modern methods of conducting such operations. For example, the plastic nose before and after the advent of these techniques have become more popular among both women and men.

Like everything else in our life, such operations can both benefit and harm.


Plastic surgery has two types of beneficial properties that they can bring to a person: physical and psychological.

You can correct innate problems in appearance, eliminate the consequences of an accident.

Many women after childbirth remain unhappy with their bodies, and thanks to plastic surgery, all the shortcomings can be corrected. In addition, the big problem for many has acne. They can be removed with the help of cosmetics, but the scars still remain, and plastic will help to make the appearance perfect.

Some people do not want to put up with the approaching old age, and plastic surgery may help.

Thanks to such procedures, you can get rid of the complexes. Now you do not need to endure ridicule all your life; if your appearance is not perfect, everything can be corrected.


Plastic surgery can have a bad effect not only on the body but also on the mental state. There are cases when doctors forgot instruments in the body or deformed a person.

Any surgical intervention poses a certain risk to humans. You can get a blood infection or disrupt the work of certain organs, carry the infection.

If not all rules of sterility have been observed, wounds can heal for a long time, scars will appear. If the breast is enlarged, the body can reject the implant. A normal specialist cannot give one hundred percent guarantee that everything will be successful.

Plastic surgery is not cheap. Many in pursuit of the perfect body get into debt, get into trouble just to get money for the desired procedure.

Some develop a kind of dependence on plastics. If a person is satisfied with the result after one operation, then he begins to look for other problems in himself that need to be corrected. There are many cases when, due to a large number of plastic operations, people turned into monsters and even lost their similarity with humans.

Before you go under the surgeon’s knife, it is better to weigh the pros and cons, because even the most successful idea can turn completely different from those who would like to.