A clearance between the legs and voice change: 7 of the most trend plastic surgery in 2019

A clearance between the legs and voice change: 7 of the most trend plastic surgery in 2019

A clearance between the legs and voice change: 7 of the most trend plastic surgery in 2019

Plastic for heels lovers

One of the increasingly popular surgical interventions is the operation Toe Tuck (leg plastic), which helps to make the foot small and neat.
In this case, most of the day will wear a high heel without pain.

During the surgery, a skilled surgeon:
removes the bone, making the foot already;
shorten the fingers;
using the technique of lipofilling will create a subcutaneous “insole”, which makes it easier to carry the load when wearing heels.

The only thigh gup between the legs

In an effort to follow the trends of the catwalk, some girls want to correct the inside of the thighs to form a kind of gap between the legs.
There are several ways to solve this problem. This may be liposuction or the use of a laser with which fat deposits are burned.
A few weeks for rehabilitation – and the desired effect is achieved.

Knee lift surgery

The problem of “open knees” occurs with age or with a sharp weight loss. This zone becomes flabby and wrinkled.
With the help of a good plastic surgeon, you can make a knee brace, which will allow you to wear mini skirts and shorts, regardless of age or season.

Sexy dimples in the lumbar region

Gluteoplasty is an operation that will help women who strive for the ideal to give spherical shapes to their buttocks.
There is also a variation of this intervention, when not only the priests change their form, but also create dimples in the lumbar region. At birth, they have all, but disappear with age. With this operation, it is possible to return them and make a back that cannot be distinguished from a Barbie doll.

Arm Lift

Hormonal disruptions, age-related features or dramatic weight loss can adversely affect the most unexpected areas of the body. For example, hands. The skin of the inside of the forearm becomes less elastic, sags.

To get rid of this problem, you can perform Brachioplasty (tightening the skin of the hands). The plastic surgeon will carry out a gradual removal of the fat layer, after making a small incision in this area. By the way, sometimes this type of operation is combined:
with liposuction;
with a tightening or breast augmentation;
with correction of the abdominal area.

The effect of the abdominal muscles

This operation is incredibly popular with women who have suffered second and subsequent labor.
Quickly, effectively and without much effort, you can change the reliefs of the body with the help of abdominoplasty. The patient will see the desired “cubes” almost immediately after the operation.

Voice plastic

One of the unusual operations, which are also performed by girls in pursuit of the ideal, is intervention in the patient’s voice (hoarseness, hoarseness, etc.).

This is really a “jewelry” operation. Its complexity lies in the location of the zone extremely close to other important components of the human body (ligaments, nerves, tendons). And only virtuoso actions can protect the patient from an absolute loss of voice.